Sunday, September 25, 2005

Raspberry poptarts

Today I have mostley been eating Raspberry PopTarts????


The monotony of cleaning a database can only be likened to eating something as horrible as poptarts for a week. Poor Jesse! And poor you if you are the long suffering marketing manager who has to put up with poor database entry.

How can marketing run targeted campaigns with poor information?

Why is it when you train, train and train your staff some more they just keep on entering data in some slap dash and totally haphazard way?

I listen to people moaning all the time about how letters come into them. Imagine it says this on your letter mR joHn brON and your name is actually Mr Jonathan Brown, isn't it infuriating?

Well duh..... So why do you continue to enter absolute rubbish in your company database then?

I know I hate it when the local double glazing company with whom I have spent a considerable amount of money keep calling me Mrs Jackson, when I am still a Miss and my name is NOT Jackson, and despite me telling them 6 times to update thier records. They even started a conversation with the right name and called me Mrs Jackson in the middle. Help! There is no salvation for these people.

GIGO - garbage in garbage out.

What's the solution?

In my humble opinion:-
set the ground rules when a new member of staff starts
run regular reports to highlight poor data entry
chop off a finger for each week it continues

Any other ideas anyone?


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