Sunday, April 02, 2006

Left or right brained?

Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

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Although one side of the brain is generally dominant over the other, we should strive to utilize both halves. A balanced brain makes a balanced person - combining sequential thinking with a holistic approach, or linear thinking with intuition, enables us to fully comprehend issues and solve problems. Left-brainers can dramatically improve their problem solving abilities by learning to "follow their gut," while right-brainers can improve the execution of their creative efforts.

Realizing your dominant half is the first step in becoming balance-brained.

Before doing the test I thought I was balanced and the results show that I am fairly well balanced.

Your percentage score for the right brain is 32%.
Your percentage score for the left brain is 27%.

What is your score and is it in line with what you thought? And if one side dominates would you take steps to develop the other side? And what might those steps be?

In marketing the marketing audit would tend to be undertaken via the left brain, we are analysing your business and the marketing plan would tend to be more right brained in which we would deploy our creativity to find a creative solution about how to sell more products or services to our customers.

Using technology in marketing is vital. Technology tends to be used by left brained people. Marketing people have tended to be right brained.

What sort of person then makes the best marketer for you? One who can use technology? One who is creative? One who is both? Should IT and marketing learn to love each other?

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naraynan sethurao said...

How to evaluate whether I am using the right or left optimally..?