Friday, October 20, 2006

Get your identity right

Your identity is the face you show the world, your customers, your prospects, your suppliers, your friends.

It is usually in print or online, in the form of logos, business cards, letterheads, website, and other materials.

Despite the growth in email use, a professionally created identity, which can be transferred to all of your communications is crucial to making a good first impression.

But what does yours say about you?

Are you business cards design in WORD, do you print them out on thin paper and cut them out with the garden shears?

Or did you get a mate to do the designs for you and you whipped them off to Bargain who only print in one colour and onto empty crisp packets.

Next time you meet someone, stop and take a good look at their business card, what does it say to you. Feel it. How does that make you feel? Look at the rest of their communications, does it all match, does it convey one message.

Now how do you feel about doing business with them?

Until recently I was busy beavering away working for my clients and not really paying much attention to mine, typical, no time...........

When I met through my networking an identity designer, who was very forthright and he declared that my business card made me look like an accountant.

Not that I have anything against accountants, but I am a marketer and a very creative one at that.

So after I dried my tears, I listened to what he had to say.

If you want to find out more about him vist

My next blogs will tell you the tale.

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